The Hope Miners Digest

Enriching The Lives Of Others By Reaching The Highest Pinnacle Of Self Expression

Mission Statement

If you are reading this, you are The Hope Miners Digest. This is a platform for you to share your stories with the world to ignite happiness and a definite purpose in others to share their gifts to enlighten and cultivate the gift each individual has to offer the world. As a key component and a reader of The Hope Miners Digest, this is your mission statement.

  • To infect the world with positive everyday stories of people who have transcended their environment to bring their visions to life.
  • To serve people in our community in such an impactful way that inspires them to offer their gifts and services for the happiness and betterment of others
  • To educate (derived from the latin term educo, meaning to enduce, to bring out, to draw out, and to develop within) the masses for the purpose of spreading hope and excellence through the chosen vocation of the individual amongst their immediate environment and the world.
  • To foster confidence in all people, to erect their ideas into concrete structure regardless to whether they are under-resourced or lacking in formal schooling
  • To spark ideas in people through spoken, written or visual methods in such a way that moves them to fully express themselves by creating a medium that serves others.
  • To invoke a spirit of introspection in all people, with the purpose of demonstrating that self awareness is the key to understanding how they can most affectively reach others by first understanding themselves in relation to what they have to offer the world.
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