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Article Criteria

Our aim is to publish articles that showcase your insight and accomplishments with the intent move others to action and to spread a spirit of positivity.

Please familiarize yourself with what we are looking for (below) before submitting your article for editing. You may formulate the body of your article in anyway you see fit, or you can tell us your story and we’ll construct the article in a way that we believe would be best for the reader to benefit the most.

  • Have a back story leading up to your accomplishment, or the moment before you discovered your insight.
  • Explain the sequence of events that lead to and assisted in your accomplishment or that sparked your insight that you believe would be helpful to others.
  • Explain how your accomplishment/ insight has helped you in your personal life, or has served your community.
  • A minimum of 500 words or more, not to exceed 2000 words.
  • Include a “take away” at the end of your article to give the reader main focal points that will encourage them and empower them to not only be inspired to act, but so that they may remember your story when they need a nugget of wisdom the most.

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