“It’s far better to self destruct than to go your entire life believing that you are someone that you truly aren’t.”

Our realities shift based on our perception of each situation. Any given situation could be the demise of one person, or the very thing that another person may have needed to catapult them forward.

When things are falling apart all around you, you have a choice. You may not have control over conditions as they deteriorate, but you have a choice in how you view it. Our perception is what ultimately determines our actions or lack thereof. Life is guided by the lenses we choose to see it through. Hopefully you choose to look at things objectively from the stance of solving a problem.

The growth process is what confuses most and sets us up for failure. We have been taught that growth is the process of “becoming” and growing upward, when in reality, the growth process is the beautiful unraveling of we thought we were, as we grow inwardly.

All value comes from the inside. The word “education”, comes from the Latin word “educo”, which literally means to draw out. Theres a big difference between “schooling” and “education”. Schooling molds the mind into a certain shape, while education brings out what is already there.

Schooling has many benefits when it comes to coexisting with society but it should never take the place of education. The parts of us that self destruct are the parts of us that were never apart of who we truly are to begin with. Many go through life confusing their upbringing and schooling as apart of who they are.

When self destruction comes, it is the falling away of all superficial parts of “us” to give way for true self expression in the most authentic sense. It will come with pain, as well as fear of the unknown. Embrace it. You were meant for so much more, and rarely does there come a point in a persons life where they are faced with the fact that who they thought they were, is nothing in comparison to who will emerge when the destruction is over with.