“We need each other, to be ourselves.”

The world would be a whole lot more peaceful, and things would run more smoothly, if we could agree on pretty much every aspect of life. If we were all the same, none of us would stand out and no one would be left behind.

The world couldn’t exist if the above paragraph were in fact true. There would be no innovation, no forward progress of humanity and no room for profound human achievement, so why do we ostracize people who look and think differently than us?

To conform to society’s standards and the group of friends that we mesh with, becomes the death of our authenticity. The world thrives and continues to break ground because of the black sheep and loners that spend ungodly amounts of time “day dreaming”.

Our differences actually bring out the best in us. We need each other, to be ourselves. Whether we identify with a group of people that give us belonging, or whether we are the ones standing on the outskirts of society as the purple unicorns of our generation, we need each other to stand out.

If we were all the same, you wouldn’t stand out. If all religions were the same, we wouldn’t have the freedom of choice. If we all liked the same music, there would no such thing as art. If we all agreed on the same topics, there would be no need for critical thinking.

The very fact that we have this awesome ability to stand out, because of our differences, ensures that no one could ever be left behind. If there’s one person out there in the world like you, you can be rest assured that there are millions of others like you. What makes you different, will be the medium that attracts your “tribesmen”.