Visualization is key to achieving any definite end. If you cant see yourself at the finished line, chances are likely you’ll never reach it. No one turns in a job application without seeing themselves filling that job position.

One key element to a boxer’s training in preparation for an upcoming fight is seeing themselves victorious. After all of the years and months leading up to a big fight, the remaining days before a fight are spent playing out every scenario that could possibly occur in the ring.

The best trained fighters are placed in the worst scenarios during sparring in order to force them to make their responses second nature for the “real thing”. The best fighters know how to bounce back when hit with a big punch that knocks off their equilibrium, because they’ve played out that scenario numerous times during training, and in the arena of their mind.

When all the training has stopped, to allow the body to recover before fight night, the boxer’s imagination is key to keeping their senses sharp and their muscle memory intact. Every round they’ll be fighting will be mentally rehearsed prior to the opening bell. They see themselves winning before they get their hands taped and gloves donned before the fight.

This type of visualization is textbook for winning, but for the amateur that has yet to do the work necessary to prepare, not so much. The basics have to be executed, over and over again until winning is committed to memory.

The downfall to visualization is seeing yourself obtaining the gold, before you’ve perfected your craft. In the beginning, trial and error is the part that either folds you, or molds you. Unless you fall in love with the process of embracing your work, every mistake will make you question if you’re really cut out for it.

Even the most seasoned veterans in any chosen field focus more on the job at hand, because they know that winning is done that way. They focus on putting one foot in front of the other, because they know that moving forward one step at a time is the only way to reach the finished line.

With consistent repetition of the basics, proficiency with ease is acquired. This is the part that should be romanticized and visualized over, again and again. See yourself at the finished line and visualize receiving the rewards that you desire, but not before you romanticize over the part that matters the most.