“Self awareness empowers your purpose, but the good stuff is behind everything that you think you are.”

Life is a process of unraveling. I’ve been stuck in certain “seasons” longer than I wanted to , because this was one fact that I was ignoring. I was ready to go, instead of being open to growth.

The seed in the ground sheds its covering before it yields the life within. Our lives are very much the same. We were born complete, and the moment we realize that, we can turn on the “gift”.

Ego is based on what we can do, who we think we are as a result of our achievements, and the sum of what we’ve gained that we believe adds value to who we think we are. Its a protective mechanism to shield us from looking within to find nothing. Ego is false and its not we truly are.

We are truly void of value in and of ourselves, just like the container is worth nothing until something is placed inside of it. Our beliefs, values, ideas and principles are where our true value lies. When we remove the exterior confines of ego, true beauty and value shines through.

Those long nights of looking for a “reason” are what shapes us. When people attack us, they aren’t attacking the true essence of who we are, they’re attacking that part of us that can actually be chipped away and removed entirely. They’re doing us a favor.

When we find ourselves in those places of being unsure of our purpose and being unsure of who we truly are, we have found ourselves. The parts of us that are shaken, the parts of us that feel pain, they tell us more about who we are. We see who we are, by seeing who we aren’t.

Every experience in life happens for our highest good, and once we start to see this, joy and pain can be treated the same. One comes in the form of bringing discomfort to help us shed “ourselves” while the other shines a light on who we are. They have the same function, yet both give us distinctly separate feelings.

If we’re attached to it, its unnecessary. If we feel the need to cling to something out of security, we can be assured that thing (or person) is there to teach us about who we are. Everything is a learning tool that either plays its role for a season, or is there as a permanent reminder of who we are and what our mission is in life.