“The human soul can overcome any reality and condition, with the right perception of what’s in front of them.”

The very thing that you fear, is not powerful enough in and of itself to stop you. There is nothing on earth that can stop the human soul on fire. No tangible reality is too impossible to overcome, but fear would have you think otherwise.

The only hold up, is you. No matter what things look like and how bad they appear to be, you are the only one that can say stop or go, at anytime. Matter, is energy and it moves in and out of shape at the of the will of the observer, you.

Everything you can see is energy. All you have to do is conceive a thought and take action, and watch as you perform the miracle of energy transfer, right before your eyes. So it’s not what you see that’s stopping you.

As humans, we are feeling beings. We become what we feel and often shift who we are, based on how we feel. Emotions are very powerful and unless we learn to use them as the train conductor uses the steam from the coal to power the locomotive, we’ll be tossed to and fro by the wind of every emotion.

There are two planes in this world.

The survival plane and the creative plane.

The survival plane is where the masses live. They are fueled by fear, masked as ambition. On this plane, people do just about anything, mostly what they dislike or hate doing, in order to get a high enough paying job to escape the claws of poverty and failure.

The creative plane is where we all should be, the place where ideas move and shape the world, a place where creativity is fueled by the highest forms of emotion and fear doesn’t exist.

Fear is more powerful than any armor-piercing round on the planet and can stop a world-changing movement in its track. It can’t be seen, it can only be felt and this is what makes it so powerful.

Life is shaped based on perception. Fear, in all of its persuasiveness, can talk you into seeing what can truly be an opportunity, as if it were an obstacle, unless you recognize the fear for what it truly is.

It’s never what’s in front of us that stops us, but how we feel about what’s in front of us.

Although fear has a gripping power that seems unbreakable, it has one weakness. That can disrupt all of its functions. Action.