“You don’t work for time, you work for the muse.”

The most dangerous phrase in all of the human language is “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Tomorrow will definitely come, but “right now” is ready and waiting for you.

Most things that are put off until “tomorrow”, will never get done. Waiting for the right time or waiting until you have enough time is a losing game that you should never play.

We almost always have the tools at our disposal to start, and finish. The bigger problem is winning the internal struggle on sitting down to do the work. Fear is at the root of it.

The biggest enemy of creativity is fear. The only way to combat fear is not to wrestle with it. Work with it. Do what you must anyway, and that voice whispering “not now” will be silenced.

“Not now” really means “not ever”, but fear has a way of subtly silencing you so that it appears to be an ally, instead of a foe. Treat every road block and every excuse to put off creativity as a foe that must be plowed through, by doing your work, right now.

You waste time with rituals and trying to get yourself into the right mental mind frame to begin. People have this misconception that they have to get their selves hyped up or that they cant work until inspiration hits, yet this is really fear in the form of procrastination.

Leave the rituals to your work, and get started. Start, and inspiration will come. Inspiration is waiting for you to start now.