“Focus on what you do have control over. None of us have control over the future, but what we do today sets the stage for tomorrow.”

Its very useful to look ahead toward the future with the big picture in mind, but its not productive to obsesses over it. Know where you’re going, but focus on getting there.

We can get so excited about where we’re going that the future will actually paralyze us. Either from the excitement of feeling like we’ve already made it, or fearing that we’ll take the wrong steps and go off course, because we don’t have enough time.

Let the future take care of itself and you focus on what needs to be done. Focusing on the future, or the “outcome” takes away from the same energy that you need to focus on getting to your destination.

There’s no limit to what you can do when you’re focused on one single definite purpose, and all of your energy is focused on a single moment in time. Focusing on how much time you have left or the new house you’ll buy when you get “there”, wont get today’s work done.

You give your power away when you some how believe it will be found tomorrow, but there’s no cue that builds unstoppable momentum like “today”. The future isn’t here now, but today is.