“There isn’t a framework that applies to originality. Originality creates its on framework, and that’s what makes it so valuable.”

You’re more prepared than you realize you are. When you feel like you aren’t ready, that’s when its time to go for it. At the point of uncertainty, that’s a cue to move on your first creative impulse. All possibilities exist when nothing is certain.

Mistakes are apart of being prepared. Yes, you read that correctly.

While we correct the course, the real magic begins to happen. Mistakes are how we feel our way through a problem and create something out of nothing.

If its proven and tested, it probably won’t work, for you. You’ll successfully implement a process that already works, but you wont be successful at creating something original.

Methods that are proven and tested are not a one size fits all, and many don’t find “it” because they’re trying to produce custom results with methods that are tailored by and for someone else.

Abandon preparation altogether. If the aim is to break new ground with something original, you have to embrace trial and error as being more beneficial than “striking gold” itself.

Using what already works is beneficial in the short term and can actually buy you time, but in the long run, authenticity wins every time and will always find a way blaze its on path.