“The only thing real about the illusion of time is that you exist right now, and time exists,  for you. Time co-operates with where ever you choose to guide it.”

Life starts the moment you make a choice to move. It isn’t happening tomorrow and it wont happen when things fall into place.

There’s no such thing as perfect timing. You can wait until you have a clear picture, or you can paint the picture, and add to it as you go along.

The biggest mistake we make is waiting our turn, or waiting until we’re stable enough to take on something. Plans never go accordingly. Plans go according to us. We put more faith into a plan, than we do into ourselves. Are you going to rely on timing, or are you going to bet the house on yourself?

Trust that you are value. Trust that you are right on time. You dictate the accuracy of timing by how you feel and what you do at any given point in time. The moment you feel the urge to do something, cut the chord and just go for it.

Out of all the factors that can destroy a great idea, “timing” is the probably the biggest factor that derails us all. Timing is a tool that we guide and use to our advantage. Don’t let timing set you back.