If you want to be successful, abandon the urge to come up with a back up plan. If you’re not planning to fail, ditch the idea of a back up plan

They All Have Stories To Tell

Growing up, there was more of an emphasis on having a backup plan over focusing my efforts on making my “plan A” successful. My parents and almost every adult from teachers, friends of the family and random middle aged people at bus stops, would give me the same fear fueled speech.

I would hear stories of talented athletes that had full ride scholarships, and stories of people that put all of “their eggs into one basket” to start a business, that eventually failed. I’m sure you can come up with a longer laundry list of more of failure stories that your parents or their friends told you, in hopes that you would go to college or learn a trade, to avoid disappointment.

I was never exposed to stories about the misfits who threw all caution to the wind, and made it. Why? Of course the answer always comes down to statistics, depending on who you’re asking, but what really makes the few chosen ones that made it, so different from the ones that didn’t?

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Many of the ones who made it didn’t have trust fund money, they didn’t have anyone “in the know” on speed dial, and the majority of them weren’t formally educated. So why is it that they were still able to pull it off, seemingly performing the infamous “rabbit out of the hat” trick?

The answer is simple, yet the majority of people on this planet will never understand a secret so simply put, that even a 5 year old could understand it. Those people dreamed. They dreamed so much that the vision became more real than their current reality, and this is what jolted them to action.

All successful people have one thing in common. A vivid imagination. An imagination so finely tuned through constant repetition of where they wanted to get to, that they were moved to massive persistent action. The images of seeing themselves succeed was so clear and emotionally compelling, that they cut the chord and just jumped.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

All men and women who have achieved noteworthy success understand one concept about success that most failures will never understand. NEVER PUT ENERGY INTO COMING UP WITH A BACK UP PLAN. Contrary to what you or others may think, coming up with a back up plan will guarantee failure 100% of the time, and here’s why.

When your focus is on coming up with a back up plan, the idea takes root in the mind as if that’s the direction you’re heading in, whether you consciously or unconsciously realize it. The energy you should be putting into making your dream work, is going toward a reality that you really don’t want in the first place.

We’ve all sentenced the ants in our backyards to death by magnifying glass, so this part should be easy to understand. When you focus the sunlight just right into one specific point on the ground, what happens? You get fire! It burns through everything in its path, but what happens when the sunlight isn’t focused just right at the right angle? You get nothing.

Bet On Yourself And Go All In

When your focus is spread thin in several different directions, nothing is going to work the way you want it to, unless one area you’re focused on is something that doesn’t take much effort. When you’re embarking on a new road that requires you to think differently than you have before, and requires you to give more than you’ve ever given before, you’re going to have to bet the house on yourself and turn your back to the crowd. Literally.

Your focus has to be so intense that people think you’ve lost you’re mind, and actually you should. When you’re starting something new that you’ve never done before, or when you’re taking on something huge, YOU HAVE TO THINK DIFFERENTLY IN ORDER TO OPERATE DIFFERENTLY. Betting on ourselves is not something that most of us were taught from a young age. We were taught to seek safety, and safety in most cases doesn’t require you to rely on yourself.

Fear of the unknown is the killer of all dreams unfulfilled. If you knew exactly how things would turn out, you would walk boldly through all goals and obstacles standing in your way. Contrary to what we’ve all been taught, there is one way to predict the future and know exactly what outcome you will get, no matter what curve ball life throws at you. What you do today, and how much effort you put into it, is what sets the stage for tomorrow, but you have to get your hopes up.

Play To Win

There’s countless stories of people who gave their all, either on the job for a promotion, or for a dream unrealized. The difference between those people who gave all and won, and those who gave all and lost, is their mindset. The few that do make it, they didn’t play to save face, they went all in with the expectation to win. They faced the same challenges and road blocks that everyone else that failed did, but they used every unfortunate turn to their advantage because they were playing to win.

Failure may have even crossed their minds, and stress about how things would turn out may have also crossed their minds, but their eyes were glued to the prize. They were so dead set on having their desired outcome that they detached themselves from the emotional attachment of the outcome to focus on the work that was presently in front of them, because deep down, they knew they were already successful.

They knew that unless they were fully dialed into the moment and fully focused on the process of doing what needed to be done, they would in fact fail. They didn’t waste time and energy worrying about what they would do if things didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to, they focused on the one thing that they had to do in each present moment that would get them closer to their destination. That’s why they were able to turn every obstacle into a stepping stone.

Just Cut The Chord

The most freeing thing in the world is realizing that all outcomes are in your hands. Regardless to where you are from, what your financial situation looks like and what skill set you have, there are people EXACTLY LIKE YOU who aren’t allowing those facts to hold them back. Fixed objects can be maneuvered around and in most cases, they can be plowed through, but it depends on how much you believe in yourself, and how powerful your reason is for going after what you want.

Self image plays a huge role in our effort and ability to come up with creative ways to make what we want a reality. You must see yourself winning in vivid detail, in order to perform and overtake your goals in the manner that your dreams require. The price of success is tied into giving up the old image of yourself, for the new image of the winner that you truly are. Holding on to our past accomplishments, and/or failures has a lot to do with how we perform moving forward, so just cut the chord, and let it go.

When we do this, it sends a message to our brain that we ARE who we truly THINK we are, in the sense that we believe we can accomplish the impossible. Your goal may not be impossible, it may just require more effort than what is usually required of you, but just going for it sends a signal to our brain that illuminates our ability to see opportunities where we would normally see a road block. When you cut the chord completely with no back up plan in sight, nothing will be in front of you but blue skies and no limitations.

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