Oh I’ll Get Around To It

We’ve developed this habit of calculating the exact amount of time we have in a day, and the amount of time we have to build something long term. “By this time next year” is my favorite line to make me feel better about where I am currently, in relation to where I want to be. My resolution is to eliminate that line completely out of my diction.

For me, that line has given me the excuse to sit back and reflect, more than I should. Reflection is good, but “sitting down” to do your work is better. “A year from now” can’t help me, unless I take advantage of the moment I have in front of me right now. I use to obsess over what tomorrow would look like, instead of obsessing over my work.

Time is a measurement that should be completely thrown out. It prolongs how long it can actually take us to execute a task, when we’re obsessing over it before we start our work, what ever that work may be.

The Immortality Of Creativity

Hearing “It takes 10 years to be an overnight success” is something that I wish I could burn out of my memory forever, but I’ve taught myself to push forward despite those words being etched into my memory. When we aren’t obsessing over success, we lose track of time, and our creative genius is allowed to take over.

“Creativity doesn’t operate in time, it operates in “now”. “Time” paralyzes creativity. “Now” gives it wings to flow freely.”

You can’t put a time line on creativity. Creativity is an entity that lives outside of space and time. When we try to fit it inside the box of time lines, it wont flow freely, and something that may have taken a few hours (if it were measured after having the finished product), can cost us 10 years of wasted time. Clarity comes and creativity flows, when we don’t think about time constraints.

The magic behind the present moment is that it doesn’t exist in time. The present moment is a gift from the Divine. You can’t measure the present moment by the current time on the clock. The present moment is a portal that you can walk in and out of at will, the moment you are aware of “now”, and deliberately step into it.

Don’t Look Into The Eyes Of Success

Success is a byproduct that comes when you aren’t looking for it. It comes when you take advantage of the present moment, with no concern for the outcome of your work. It’s very imperative to know where you’re going, but the outcome isn’t important. You’re work is important. The work is your vehicle and you wont get to your destination unless you get into it and enjoy the drive. Enjoy the drive. Let the destination come.

Obsessing over success takes the focus way from the gift, but isn’t the gift more important than success? The gift is what people need, so why is success magnified to be more important than obsessing over the gift? When the gift is used, more inspiration is given. Inspiration doesn’t come until we are aware of the importance of the gift, and aware enough to stir it up by use.

The Gift Is The Device Of Creativity

The gift, just like creativity, doesn’t exist in time. It exists in the “now” and it also isn’t confined by time or space. It doesn’t have an expiration date and you can’t wear it out. Only “things” that exist in time and space can be worn out by time measurements, but the gift is eternal and it moves freely through every age because it can never age, but “now” is the key to unlocking its function, and loosing it into the world.

Being aware of the present moment puts the focus back on the gift, and opens the door for creativity to step in and have its way. When you’re focused on how much time you have, you constrict the flow of creativity to use the gift as liberally as it wishes. In the present moment, time doesn’t matter, and that’s where the magic is.

Unveiling The Gift

Gifts come in different forms, just like all people have unique appearances that differ from each individual to the next. Some gifts are more noticeable than others, and others can’t be seen or heard until they are expressed boldly. You are the gift. You are timeless and your moment of power can only be found in the present moment. Not tomorrow, not next year, but now in this present moment.

You are not the reflection in the mirror or the person that society told you that you are. You aren’t even the image that you project to others. You are your thoughts and your passions, and they exist in you for the sole purpose of expressing themselves in a world constrained by time and space. Your power is found in the present moment, and at that point that you feel your thoughts and ideas welling up within you pushing you toward action, time has stopped and creativity is summoning you in to commune with her.

“You are the gift. Your body is the instrument and an extension of who you are, to make the unseen part of you visible to the world through the utilization of your body.”

Success is something that you already are, and you’ll never reach it looking outside of yourself. Success isn’t something you get to, its ground zero right inside you, the moment you are aware that you are the gift. The magic in the present moment is you, and at will you can express who you are, not 10 years from now but in this present moment.

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