5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Blast off!

How Does This Thing Work Again?

A valid excuse is the easiest thing to find in the world. When it comes to things we know we should be doing, theres always going to be resistance, especially when its benefits can completely transform our living situation, and the world around us.

Why is this? I’m not even sure, but when we look at how the benefits of action can out weigh our inaction, resistance is actually a cue to go for it. Knowing this, how can we push forward and get started?

The key is just getting started, and doing it regardless to whether we feel like it, but then there’s a deeper issue at the root. We don’t feel like it. So how can we make ourselves “feel” like doing what we know we need to do? We need to put on our surgeons cap!

The deeper issue at hand is how we see ourselves, in addition to our “mental looping”. Our minds have been wired through constant repetition to stick to a certain routine, and to shut down any additions that could possibly take us out of our comfort zone.

Whats going on out there?

When introducing new habits into our daily routines, we have to aim to get as uncomfortable as possible. Just like our minds are wired to stick within routine, our minds are wired to cope and adapt to what consistenly makes us feel uncomfortable, by actually integrating the new change into our routine until it feels normal.

In order to integrate new habits, we must forge new habits into our existing “mental looping”. This is where we perform brain surgery, and things get interesting. The hardest thing about creating a new habit, is staying consistent with it, with no immediate pay off in sight.

Our self image is the key to forging a new habit. We have to see ourselves doing a thing, before we can do that thing. We have to “dream” our selves into taking new action, especially if what we want isn’t the norm to what we do everyday.

We have to get our brain comfortable seeing images of us accomplishing the smaller tasks that lead to the outcome we want, until the brain accepts it as normal and a “feeling” attachment is associated with the thought of performing those actions.

Identifying the imposter

Procrastination is not the same as laziness. As Mel Robbins explains in her book (paraphrased in my words) “The 5 Second Rule“, procrastination is actually a symptom of stress. We choose to do other things, instead of what we should be doing, to give us relief and instant gratification, because we are stressed, not because we are lazy.

When we’re stressed, we don’t feel like doing the things we know we need to do, unless there’s a gun to our head, or unless being fired will be the result of our inaction. We put off what we know we need to do, because we don’t feel like it would give us the immediate pay out in satisfaction that we are looking for as an escape from stress.

The master key in using procrastination to our advantage is knowing that there are two types of procrastination, one that actually serves our purpose, and one that actually saps the energy that we need to accomplish our goals.

News flash!!! Its actually ok to put things off so that you can allow your mind to process the task ahead, in order to go about it with a definite purpose, and with more clarity. Good procrastination allows you to work the problem out in your head before attempting to begin. This is where it ties into your self image, and “dreaming” yourself to new action.

Seeing Is Believing, Or Believing Is Seeing?

You can only do things that line up with how you see yourself. This is why some of the most talented people either fail or never make an attempt at their dreams. Deep down inside, they don’t have the confidence. They don’t feel like they are worthy of using their gifts, or that they’re worthy of the success that will come with it. If this is you, stop it. Now.

Notice one reoccurring word that shows up throughout this post. Feeling! Feeling is the key. Its possible to push ourselves to do routine things or things we’ve done before, when we don’t feel like it, but its not possible to completely implement a new routine with new actions we’ve never consistently done, without feeling like it. We build up our ability to feel like doing things, by just starting, when we don’t feel like it.

Break your goal down into small tasks that create a process that produces results that you desire. You may not hit the nail on the first try when trying to come up with a process that works, but this is the part that matters the most, more than actually finding a process that works. When you mess up in the beginning, this allows you to find a process that is authentic to you.

My Challenge To You

This is where I’m going to need you to trust me, so please pay attention. All the feeling and motivation you need will be found the moment you “dial in” and begin. Focus builds once you sit down and work, and focus gives birth to inspiration. Inspiration finds those in the silence, awaiting instructions as they sit down and start the task ahead.

Procrastination is an illusion that goes away when you go right, when it says go left. It goes away the moment you run toward the false illusion that it will give you more satisfaction than doing what you know you need to do. Don’t worry about when the pay off will come. Make doing your work the love of your life, and the pay off will come when you aren’t looking for it, because you are so in love with doing what you know needs to be done.

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