More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth – Napolean Hill

What Is A Hope Miner?

A “hope miner” is world changer that begins with looking inward for the change that he/she wants to see in the world. In the process of looking inward, all inspiration and resources are pulled from within ones self.

The “hope miner” understands that all hope and inspiration must start from within themselves first, and that their mind is in fact, a “gold mine”. The “hope miner” knows, and often reminds themselves that the solution and the answer to all of their deepest questions is in fact, themselves. They are hope, and their mind is the source that they turn to.

Why The Hope Miners Digest?

We believe that in order to bring about change in the world, we must first start with ourselves, and that as we begin to grow from within, our communities will be impacted by our examples.

The world is changed by how we live our lives, how we first treat ourselves, how we treat others and the manner in which we go about doing what we love. No true change can happen until we embark upon the road to self love, and that self love comes from true awareness of self.

Societal conditioning in regards to what is socially accepted, and societies standard of perfection, is the reason why many people aren’t self aware of who they truly are, in relation to truly understanding their worth, and the gifts that they have to offer the world.

Self love is the guiding force behind change, and unless you fully recognize your reflection in the mirror, and are aware of your “self” outside of who others tell you that you are, and outside of the “status quo”, no true change can occur within or in the world.

What You Need To Do Next?

Creating culture is the most contagious way to spread ideals and a new way of living to the world. The aim of The Hope Miners Digest is to create a culture by painting a picture and broadcasting stories of individuals who have tapped into the hope they have within, to positively affect and serve those in their immediate communities.

We are extending an open invitation to join us, and a challenge to love yourself enough through becoming self aware in such a way that when others observe your life, you’ll free them to do the same and give them a sense of belonging.

Upon joining us, you will have become apart of something monumental, and you will be the driving force behind cultivating a new culture of people that inspire, encourage and embrace those who need the light that you have within.

Ordinary people do extraordinary things everyday, and all too many times their accomplishments and acts of goodwill to others go unseen due to being drowned out by the overwhelming negativity running rampant in the media and from the mouths of others.

Call To Action

If you are searching for answers, you are a Hope Miner. If you are passionate about something you love to do, you are a Hope Miner. If you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere, you are a Hope Miner. If you feel you haven’t quite found your purpose or something you’re passionate about, you are a Hope Miner. If you think you found this page by “accident” we can reassure you that stumbling on to The Hope Miners Digest was no mistake. You are a Hope Miner.

We want to embrace you. We invite you to partake in the birth of a new culture. A culture of people where nothing divides us, a culture where love is our religion and our gifts are the medium by which we improve our own lives and serve others.

Follow us to join a tribe where you’ll be accepted, where you will matter and your input will actually make a difference. Follow our page and share your thoughts in the comments section below. We want to hear from you! Please connect with us via the contact form, or directly at You can also find us on Instagram @thmdigest